Monday, 16 May 2016

Embed a PowerPoint Presentation into a Page

Upload your PowerPoint presentation to a document library.
Click on the ellipsis (…) next to the PowerPoint presentation in the document library and copy the URL.

Navigate to the page you would like to embed the presentation onto, edit the page and click on “Web Part” under the insert tab of the ribbon.
Select the “Page Viewer” web part under “Media and Content” and click add.

Edit the webpart:
 Select Web page
 Paste the PowerPoint presentation URL into the link field, then click OK:
Now you should have the PowerPoint presentation displaying on the Page Viewer web part. However, the web part is not large enough to show the entire presentation slides without scrolling.
we need to give the web part a fixed height. To do this, click on the web part settings and click “Edit Web Part”.
Under the “Appearance” tab, select “Yes” for “Should the Web Part have a Fixed Height?” and specify 500 pixels and for the Witdh property, specify 800 pixels  , then click OK.

Finally click “Save”

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