Thursday, 16 April 2015

AD User profile properties not updating in SharePoint

One of our client reported an issue with SharePoint Alerts. They configured a SharePoint Alert for a list in a SharePoint 2010 site and realized that the alert not being sent to a particular user.

I checked in SharePoint server ,  the User Profile Synchronization Service was running without any issue. 

But when they updated the user details ( email address ) in Active Directory, the updates were not being shown in SharePoint and the user's Email Address was not changing. 

It was because, despite the user’s email address was updated in the SharePoint user profile, but sometimes in SharePoint the changes do not propagate to the web application.

So I used the below trick to fix it:

  1.      Navigate to the hidden user list https://Site URL/_catalogs/users/simple.aspx
  2.      Delete the user
  3.      Again add this user to site Members group ( or what ever group .
  4.      Set Alert for user on  https://Site URL/Lists/List Name/AllItems.aspx

 The alert works fine.
 Hope the is helpful.   


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