Wednesday, 15 April 2015

News articles using SharePoint 2013 Blog Template

In the top level site > Site Content > new Subsite > create a new Subsite using Blog Template

For Navigation Inheritance, Select “Yes”  > Click on Create Btn.

The News Subsite will be created as below:

Click on Manage posts 

Then in the post list > list Settings > Add from existing site columns

Then add “Byline”  and  “Rollup Image”
Change Column Ordering as below:   
Byline  - > position from top : 2 
 Rollup Image  -> position from top : 3 
You can manage categories
Please make sure the post layout is set to Basic 

Add a News WebPart on the homepage:

This Web Part retrieves data from the below Subsite :
News Archive   :   /news/Pages/default.aspx
Using a Content Query WebPart, it displays list from the sub-site (news) with the configuration below:        

 Select Show items from the following list:

 Additional Filter :  Expiry Date is greater then or equal to [Today]

 Set the Styles and Appearance as below:

Set Fields to display as below: 

Happy SharePointing


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