Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Hide the Title Column in SharePoint Custom Lists

When you create a custom list in SharePoint, it has a column named Title. If you don’t need this column, you can’t delete the Title column or change its data type, but you can rename or hide it.
If you don’t need any filed with this type in your list, renaming this column is not a solution. So you can edit the Content Type and hide the Title column.

To hide the Title column:
1.     In your list, open the List Settings.
2.     In the Content Types section of the List Settings page, click the Item content type.

Note: If you cannot see the Content Types section, you need to enable management of content types as below
Click on Advanced Settings > Select Yes for Allow Management of Content Types? 

3.     click the Item content type > Click the Title column
4.     Under the Column Settings, select the Hidden (Will Not Appear in Forms)

From now on, the Title column will not appear on the Add item, Edit item and Item Details forms.

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