Friday, 8 May 2015

SharePoint List with a lookup column to a list in another Site

When you create a Look up column in a SharePoint List, you can just select a list from the current site to look up for a column.

Scenario :  there is a listA in SiteA and another list called ListB in SiteB
In ListA, you are going to add a new lookup coulmn to ListB

by the below steps you can add a lookup column to a list in another Site:

  •  Navigate to a top level site (which contains both SiteA and SiteB sub sites). If SiteB is the parent site of SiteA,  then you can do the following in SiteB.
  • Go to Site Settings> Under the Web Designer Galleries, click on Site Columns 

  • Click on Create link

  • Enter a name; Select hookup Field; Enter/Select a Category; Select the list and Column and  Save it.

  • In  your list, go to Site Settings > Click on Add from existing site column

  • Select the category and the Site Column you have created > Add

You added a lookup column from a list in another site to your list.

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